User Guide


Welcome to the site of BARS Real Estate Company!
The main purpose of this page is to simplify and facilitate the process of use of the site for visitors and registered users. All presented information on the site can be used without registration or login to your personal account, but to get access to additional and very comfortable features, you have to register your personal account on our site or sign in with your Facebook or Vkontakte accounts. By registering and signing in you will be able to a) add or remove properties from your favorites list and view them any time you need, b) see your views history, and c) send request and contact agent for more information or visit the selected property. All site content is available in Armenian, Russian and English. After choosing the language at the top of the site, you will get the opportunity to view all the information in Armenian, Russian or English.

Registration and Sign in

Click on the "Sign in" or "Register" buttons at the top of the site and you will go to the personal account registration and sing in page. You can register on our website and sign in using your registration information, as well as access to the system without registration, with your Facebook or Vkontakte accounts.

 - Sign in after registration on the site

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 - Sign in without registration, with your Vkontakte account


You can see the prices in Armenian drams, US dollars or euros on our site. By changing the currency in the upper part of the site (AMD, USD, EUR), you can see all the prices in your preferred currency. Currency exchange rates are updated daily from the official website of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia.

Icons and Labels

 - Real estate for sale

 - Real estate for rent

 - Real estate is in your "Favorites list"

 - Remove real estate from your "Favorites list"

 - Contact Agent request's status is "Pending"

 - Contact Agent request's status is "Accepted"

 - Contact Agent request's status is "Rejected"

 - This property is presented by our specialists as a "Special Offer"

Functional Buttons

 - Contact agent and send request for the selected real estate

 - Add real estate to your "Favorites list"

 - Remove real estate from your "Favorites list"

 - See floorplan of the real estate

 - View location of the real estate on the map

 - See real estate passport in PDF

 - Compare with other real estate of the same type

  - Reset search settings


When searching, please note the following rules:
Apartment, House, Commercial and Land - Presented real estate on the site is divided into four main types. During the search, you should pay attention to the type of the selected real estate: apartment, house, commercial or land. The system searches only in the database of the selected type of real estate. The only indicator, when the system ignores all other criteria - is the code. Entering the code in the appropriate field, you will find your needed real estate, regardless of it is a search of apartment, house, commercial property or land.
Standard, Exclusive and Foreign - The next choice is linked to three real estate sections. On the site they are distributed as "Standard", "Exclusive" and "Foreign". By selecting a section, you will implement a search in the relevant real estate database. In other words, if you choose the type of real estate "Apartment" and the section "Foreign", respectively, the search will be made in the database of foreign apartments. In the sections "Standard" and "Exclusive" is presented real estate,  located only in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. In the "Foreign" section you can search by countries, where our company currently offers property.
Sale and rent - All available database of real estate on the site is divided into two categories: sale and rent. When searching you have to choose one of them. It should be noted, that part of the property at the same time is both for sale and for rent, respectively, such property can be found in the listings of sale and rent. 
Price - If you want to search, taking into account also the price range, so you have to select the type of price and enter the figures of the desired price range. Each property can have up to four types of prices, two of which are for sale and two rental. For example, for an apartment, you can select a total price for sale or price per sq/m, respectively, monthly or daily payments for rental.
Code - Each property in our database has its own unique code. By typing it into the appropriate field of search box, you will find the property, regardless of other data or search types and sections.
Other data - Search engine also has other typical criteria for each type of real estate, that make it easier and more efficient for visitors and registered users, and help you find the most suitable to your goals and preferences.